About us

B.I.E. promotions is a professional web promoting company, which is specializing in the sport-gaming field.

Our company is connected with hundreds of sport-related web sites all over the world, and we offer our advertising services to gaming web sites, which are dealing with the sport gaming field.

What we do is, we connect between the gaming site and the many sport related sites that we know, we take the specific demands from the gaming website and we configure them to the specific sport related site. We run the negotiation between the client and the advertiser until we close a deal.

Since we already know our sport sites, ( we know their evaluation, we know their demands and rates, their negotiation manners etc.),  then the whole process is relatively fast and efficient,.

In any case, we charge our fee only after a deal is closed and the ad is already online.

Our goal is to save gaming sites the need of having their own webmaster, by providing a much fast, efficient and cheaper service, and letting them in a short period of time able to advertise in as many and as better sport-related sites as possible.

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